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Lawforya is a Business Consultancy firm established and operating by Mrs. Bahareh Alizadeh in a close collaboration with her business partners based in Germany, Sweden and the UAE.

Based in Europe with an extensive knowledge of the Middle East market, Lawforya is well-positioned to assist clients from east to west. A major focus of our practice involves complex international business transactions, particularly those involving businesses in the UAE. Our lead business consultants are well-versed in the UAE law and the Middle East cultures, giving us the ability to provide valuable insight and guidance for European companies seeking to capitalize on international business opportunities.

The founder of Lawforya has already been successfully and professionally involved in this sector for over a decade. The capability of Lawforya is based upon a combination of highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, close relationship and business connection with various authorities within the region and access to full support facilities.


We adhere to an unequivocal commitment to quality thus maintaining our objectives to ensure the expedited, smooth and safe project delivery in all our assignments, resulting in increased efficiency and minimising down time.

Lawforya offers a wide range of corporate and commercial services and business solutions. Our small but rather dedicated team of professional consultants have a great knowledge of the UAE laws, rules and regulations and are advising international investors and corporations on establishing, expanding and operating their business within the UAE. Our profound understanding of the UAE market assures to assist our clients in a committed, competent and result- oriented way. 

Commercial contracts and negotiations are the heart of any business. Appointing the right corporate and commercial firm is the most important business decision which will eventually define the success or failure of any business transaction. Our team of professionals possess the experience and knowledge required for delivering outstanding and quality work while practicing in a small setting that provides clients with a personalized and hands-on experience. 



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